Jun 022015

Sex & Mischief Tickle Your Fantasy Gift Set Giveaway

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  16 Responses to “Sex & Mischief Tickle Your Fantasy Gift Set Giveaway”

  1. I really appreciate the variety of items you review.

  2. What a fun set!

  3. I tried to link my Twitter and it’s not giving me the entries?

  4. From what I have seen of your site I think that I enjoy your reviews and their variety the most. I truly appreciate your honesty about yourself and in your reviews. I look forward to future reviews and especially your tmi Tuesdays.

  5. Did you log into Gleam with your Twitter? I would try to unlink it and relink it. Let me Know if you need any more help.

  6. I like your blog layout. I’m a bit iffy on the background. It’s cool but also a bit busy.

  7. My love really enjoys these types of restraints. We’d definitely get some good use out of them.

  8. This is a cute set!

  9. I have wanted to try the sex and mischief products for so long fingers crossed! Good luck everybody x

  10. Cool I want to try something new like this I love spicing up my sexy time any way possible

  11. You have a very lovely site here, and right now I see nothing that needs changing.

  12. I’ve always wanted something like this!

  13. That’s a whole kinky bundle of fun right there. Thanks for the chance.

  14. Sounds like a fun time, I’d be excited to win!

  15. At the top of the page, “Ivy’s Toy Box” and “Welcome to my box of tips and toys” could use some left padding.

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